Our Mission

pHaze International is revolutionizing the beverage industry with
our innovative, organic, natural energy and hydration “fortified beverage,

Energy pHaze. These solutions are crafted for individuals seeking a healthy,
effective, natural alternative to conventional energy drinks and sports waters.ustomers a refreshing and
healthy functional hydration experience they can
rely on daily at work, sports, or play.
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Energy and Next Feature: HPP-Cold Pasteurization 

Next pHaze

  • Alkaline Water​
  • Organic Fulvic Minerals​
  • Electrolytes - sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium​

Energy pHaze (w/ Organic Fruits and Superfoods)

  • All the features of Next pHaze Spring Water, plus…
  • Organic, natural, smooth-release caffeine and antioxidants​
  • Organic, natural, low-glycemic sweeteners and prebiotics​
  • Ingredients are organically sourced, responsibly cultivated

pHaze Revolution

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Brandon McCaghren- Jiu Jitsu Influencer/UFC Fight Pass Commentator

"I travel a lot, and I've always struggled with hydration. Then I found Phaze Water. There's a distinct clean taste that stands out from other brands. It kept me going through my hectic weekend - I felt more hydrated, and as a result, more energetic. Honestly, it's made a difference in my travels."

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